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Helping you find, negotiate and buy a home more effectively than anyone else is my expertise, and my repeat clients will attest that I am not only an expert but also a passionate and trusted advocate.

We will look into all the options available, not just the LISTED homes in your desired area, and create a game plan which is effective, appropriate and ambitious. You know better than anybody what your needs and desires are for your new home, and my passion and professional expertise will translate them into action for you.

We will find the RIGHT home for you, never losing track of your needs and the opportunities that are available. We will dig down to make sure the homes that qualify are a sound investment regarding taxes, building and inspection reports and local ordinances and comparative local sales. We will provide an estimated settlement expense sheet for any and all offers.

We will manage and maximize all negotiations on your behalf, research all your financial options, provide copies of all documentation, and even accompany you on your mortgage negotiations. As your advocate we will protect your safety and interests, and ensure this exciting time in your lives has the happiest of endings.

Call me anytime and let's get started!  604-760-4734 

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